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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ginormous Gazing Ball is Done!

It only felt like this piece took as long to craft as the Health Care Reform Bill.
Sort of hard to see it well in the yard due to the glare, so I offer the below shot:

It POURED here Saturday afternoon and all through the night into Sunday morning. If I had any guts at all I would've put this out in the yard to test drive it. I used waterproof adhesive and triple sealed the grout, so based on my good experience with the outdoor dog grotto still hanging tough down on Sullivan's Island, SC, I feel (fairly) confident this will endure the elements.

For some reason(s), I decided not to use any solid color shards. Going for the whole "garden riot in bloom" theme, Or something.

For some reason(s) I chose light pink grout. I was almost out of Antique White and while I had planned to use Mallard Green, it looked too dull for this piece. I don't regret the pink.

What would a mystical gazing ball be without unexplainable rays of light streaming from it?

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  1. NEVER regret pink. I love the magic mojo light. Dang cool sphere. Is that you with Annie? Cute photo. How heavy is that thing (the ball not Annie).