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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fish Tales and Gazing Balls

Projects in Progress today:

Gazing balls! I've had two of these for, what - two years now, maybe? With the pending printemps, I am suddenly beyond-inspired to do them. I know lots of folks use bowling balls in this case, but aside from the obvious issue that they are heavy, the idea of a bunch of strangers' finger sweat inside a piece of my art sort of creeps me out.

Annie's thinking assorted vintage china flowers and every single color of Bauer and Fiesta that we own on this one. Just a riot blaze of blossoms and brightness!

Narcissus Annie seems to be quite taken with the dreamy looking cat in the ball.

I think if I have two done by Memorial Day Weekend when the Cashiers Village Hillside Shops open again, they will really be a magnetic draw out on the grass in front of my cottage.

I'm dying to do one for my own yard as well. Somewhere by the fish pond which I see out my bedroom window.

Four of my six goldfish survived the LONG, cold, SNOWY winter under the ice in the pond. I guess that's not too bad, but it still bummed me out. I am very attached to my fish. I even printed out a photo of the six from last October to determine exactly who I am mourning. Sort of surprised I had not gotten around to naming them, frankly. I'll do that tomorrow, in honor of the Equinox. And then I'll get two more, because six just feels right.

Speaking of fish...

Plan to finish up the first Brown Trout frame for Brookings' Cashiers Village Outfitters. Annie looks concerned, no?

This is the image I've been using for inspiration, but check out these beauties:

Brookings' very own Marc Hipp, fly fishing guide and instructor extraordinaire, and

Matt Canter, store manager and a very experienced and passionate guide and instructor himself. (Yes, all seven of the Brookings' guides are that good looking. Must be the fresh air and clean living.)

It's a Friday in Lent, after all. Gotta have fish!

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