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I especially love custom work and I welcome wholesale opportunities.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lima & Prissy - Merry Christmas To Cary!

One of my very special clients (Ms. Tally) asked me to make a custom Christmas frame for her best friend, Cary, who shares her life with Lima, a black Pug, and Prissy, a brown Dachshund. Tally wished me "good luck" in finding black Pug chotskies and I thought: "I am The Queen of Cool Vintage Jewelry. How hard can it be?" Ha. "Very hard" was the answer. After weeks of searching for black Pug charms and brooches (do you know how many fawn-colored Pug items there are in the world?) I surrendered.

Fortunately, my good pal and fellow Cashiers Village Hillside Shops artist, Evie Auerbach, specializes in porcelain dogs! Here she is, skillfully crafting two faces for us:

The tongue was the most important part, of course.

My photos don't do Evie's work justice.

Thank you for another very fulfilling and fun commission, Tally!

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  1. Perfect example of why you get such interesting commissions: You make it happen through persistence and being the kind of chick people like Tally want to help. It's comforting to know if/when I need black pug faces, I have a resource. Sweet sweet frame/story.